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Hi all! We have updated the Formula Hybrid 2018 to version 3.0, featuring several fixes and improvements. The biggest new feature is the addition of a 2nd steering wheel display that brings more information about the track and car conditions an can be activated with the “headlights” button of the game. An e-mail with the download link will be sent to the e-mail address that you included while purchasing the car in Sellfy.

You can download the car templates here


Thank you for your support and have a good weekend!


Formula Hybrid 2018 Steering wheel and displays


Changelog v2.0 to v3.0

-New created body shadows to improve visual look to the ground
-Wave Italy main display with added DRS activation feature animated
-New display_2 added to Wave Italy wheel / please check PDF for instructions
-DRS activation post fixed a bent normal on the geometry causing a strange carbon look at the rear
-New geometry updates around the driver in the cockpit area all smoothed more
-New geometry labels added cockpit surround area and improved textures
-New alloy wheel logos added all 4 wheels
-New added tire markings each tire all 4 tires / markings LF/RF/LR/RR
-New updated “highreslogos” textures with more paintable areas / mirrors/cockpit surround
-New DRS animations
-New display animations
-improved performance on all LOD and texture improvements now lower size in game increasing overhaul performance by around 10%
-New CM features allowing live track map/ live wind speed / live track temp / live wind direction / live track name each tracks through content manager only
-Brand new halo geometry UV and textures all LOD to improve the visual quality of the textures now HD halo
-Brand new halo high res logos 1 map created to be able to place HD logos in multiple areas of the halo
-Steering wheel metal textures updated with less black shadows
-New interior shadows created
-Repositioned emergency markings on the rear engine cover
-360 camera added paintable logos now to be able to be applied / check the for reference
-Brand new seat belts added all LOD with new seat belt protectors / check the templates for reference
-New driver animations made from scratch / much improved in this area
-Updated driver head movement
-Rear wing end plates tweaked / missing geometry at the bottom fixed under the area parts / misplaced
-New rain light TCAM colours added to give more of an authentic racing look
-All new LED settings and adjustments / colour matching settings etc.
-New led delta added to the 2nd led on the RPM lights indicating performance by changing green (faster)/red (slower)
-Updated ao maps and settings to the tailpipes
-New Rumble animation to the mirrors and tailpipes

-Increased bass layer samples for more depth of sound
-Volume rebalancing and tuning in several sound events

-Steer Assist added in setup menu


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