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For Product Support, please help us by reading the following mini-FAQ before emailing.

Q1: How do I install the cars?
A: RSS Product Installation Guide available here on YouTube
Most issues where digital display items are missing or the car does not load are due to incorrect installation.

Q2: How can I download my cars again?
A: Refer back to your original product emails received from no-reply@sellfymail.com to download the latest files. Any product email will include the latest version of a product.

Q3: I have deleted or cannot find my product emails
A: Request a new email and state for which purchase(s). For new purchases, please check your Spam folder. You may have made an unintentional error entering the email address at the checkout if you never received an email.

Q4: How can I get the latest files?
A: If you have opted Yes to receive product email updates (the checkbox at the sales checkout page), then you will receive email updates from us. Otherwise, you will not. Refer to Q2 above if you have not opted to receive email updates or have unsubscribed from us.

Q5: What kinds of issues do you support?
A: We only provide product support for our products. You must verify issues without third-party visual modification tools installed.

Q6: Could you provide a quote for a custom 3D model?
A: RSS only produces custom models for officially registered companies.

Q7: I am an artist. Can I have access to your models?
A: This is not a service we provide.  

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