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Q1: How do I install the cars?

A: RSS Product Installation Guide available here on YouTube and advised in the Read Me file contaned in the downloaded package.

Most issues where digital display items are missing or the car does not load are due to incorrect installation.

We only recommend performing a manual installation.

Q2: When I try to open the downloaded file, it gives an error.

A: Ensure you are using the newest version of 7-zip or WinRar to open file packages. Older versions may not be sophisticated enough to open the new packaging algorithms.

Q3: How can I download my cars again or get the latest files?

A: Refer back to your original product emails received from SellFy to download the latest files. Any product email will include the latest version of a product.

If you have opted Yes to receive product email updates (the checkbox at the sales checkout page), then you will receive email updates from us. Otherwise, you will not.

Q4: I have deleted or cannot find or never received my product emails

A: Request a new email and state for which purchase(s).

For new purchases, please check your Spam folder. You may have also made an unintentional error entering the email address at the checkout if you never received an email. You must provide Transaction ID information to assist us with locating your purchase. 

Q5: I have paid but did not receive any emails

A: As with Q4, you may have entered an incorrect email address at the checkout page, or your email may be prevented by your inbox spam filters, or your email address domain may be blacklisted by the SellFy services.

In cases where you may have encountered issues at the payment stage such as incomplete purchases and have not received any payment confirmation email, it is likely the failure occured at the payment authorization level between your payment provider and the payment platform. We would not be in receipt of any payment, nor have the ability to see any information relating to this failed attempt. Any money debited would be returned to you by your bank according to their internal processing times. We would recommending communicating with your bank for any further information.

Q6: What kinds of issues do you support?

A: We only provide product support for our products.

You must verify issues without third-party visual modification tools installed and test with a clean installation of the vehicle and game. This is due to the overwhelming possibilities of issues with modified games that causes an unnecessary overhead to our support team when the issue is user configuration related.

Q7: Could you provide a quote for a custom 3D model?

A: RSS only produces custom models for officially registered companies from this contact form. Please email from a corporate/business email address for serious enquiries as we do not respond to general publicly available email domains (gmail, hotmail, etc).

Q8: I am an artist/student/enthusiast. Can I have access to your models?

A: Typically, no. This is not a service we provide, and we do not support the unauthorized extraction of our kn5 vehicle files.

We are not a 3D model distribution service. Unless you are a business and have a clear logical business reason with funding, please do not request for our 3D models. We may distribute them to our closest graphical artist friends for their portfolio purposes, but these are people with a proven long-term track-record of high-quality livery production in the sim racing and motorsport markets, and many of them started out by producing liveries on our Assetto Corsa cars using the in-game engine to produce renders and showing us their quality before ever requesting the actual vehicle files they could take to their software.

Q9: Can I get a refund?

A: To secure transactions for both sides, we describe our sales policy in three areas prior to any downloading: the product description, the shop Terms page that is agreed by you before purchase, and in the product email issued after purchase and prior to downloading. Ensure you adhere to this and do not attempt to download any products because the moment you press download, even for terminated attempts, the digital transaction can only be deemed completed. We can track download attempts in our online portal.

Q10: I have found your work being distributed, can you remove this?

A: Yes. Thanks to many of the honest people who regularly report the misuse of our property, we are generally able to take down packages which include, modify, distribute or sell our work.

We would discourage anyone from engaging in such acts of piracy as it has a three-fold negative impact: financial damages to developers, legal implications to perpetrators, significant time lost for development.

Due to the increase of a newer, younger audience with less of an awareness of what developers contributed to Assetto Corsa and sim racing over the past decade, the sim racing scene itself is marred by persistent piracy. Due to this, we do have a legal team and private investigators that have successfully brought forward court orders to seek the prosecution of individuals in the past. RSS is one of the few companies that respects the good-standing acquisition of its property, therefore, piracy will not be tolerated in any way.

The RSS team has a legal right to protect its intellectual property and will actively remove any such infringements. People engaged in piracy do not have any legal right to be distributing content produced by RSS.

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