For many years, it has been Race Sim Studio’s primary objective to help blur the line of the virtual and the real-world in the field of motorsport. With the emergence of sim-racing and higher fidelity graphics to the mainstream comes a need for a better representation of the virtual world. In all of our exploits, we have found no better than Klaas Norg Photography.

With great pleasure, all of our official photography will be conducted by Klaas. If there’s an image used by us that you like, now you know exactly who to thank.

Klaas is a world-class photographer with an outstanding portfolio capturing moments in all walks of life. The unlimited array of pictures from nature, architecture, motorsport, family, events, weddings and more, portray Klaas’s versatility and passion for the field of photography.

It’s this dedication and attention to detail that makes us proud to be affiliated with Klaas in such a meaningful way as we both strive to convey a story through art.

What’s more, Klaas also offers a variety of photography courses available on his website. If you are experienced and want to try a new style of photography, or are just looking to learn the basics with a wise head and a steady pair of hands guiding you, be sure to contact Klaas.

Some examples of Klaas’s photography with our racing cars.

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