Formula Hybrid® 2023 updated to version 2

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Hi all,

We have issued an update for the Formula Hybrid® 2023, including a few new features and improvements. As usual, the update will be rolled out via email to all the owners of the car if you have subscribed to receive email updates. Otherwise, please refer back to your original product emails.

A reminder that owners of this car can enter our Giveaway for a Fanatec CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle until 20th May 2023, here.



Clean installation strongly advised.

• Changed car short name to properly fit the display
• Updated tyre wear curves
• Corrected the step size of the bumpstop of the front heave
• Increased the range of the camber angle in the setup page

Graphics & Model
• Steering wheel buttons light up (map a button to headlights)
• CSP data version now has tyre temperatures on the display instead of pressures
• Simucube Team now has chrome liveries with orange wheel button lights (CSP-only)
• IMB Racewear liveries added
• Ambient Occlusion and short-nose front wing paint correction to all liveries
• Normal maps added to the CSP switchable tyres

• Complete interior sound overhaul from new 2023 team recordings

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