Shadow v8 is now available!

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The Shadow v8 is now available! The car has been included to the RSS GT Pack. An email with a new download link will be sent to all the pack customers, so please check! The pack owners will have a 7 day exclusivity, once this period is over the car will be also available as separate item.

The car templates are available here.




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  • Andryus Tishka

    Yes!!! Thanks!!!

  • Vitor

    Hi, when will the standalone purchase be available? It’s been more than 7 days by now…

  • Nick

    Yeah, would be gr8 if this could be released as a stand-alone purchase soon, as Vitor above wrote, it’s been more than 7 days now 🙂

  • Ryan

    Been way more than 7 days………

    • Race Sim Studio

      Hi Ryan, it’s already in our shop.

  • Ryan

    oops, needed to refresh browser. Just bought it, thanks!

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