RSS GT Pack v2 Update

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Today we release an update for the RSS GT Pack, featuring many fixes and improvements. As usual, the update will be distributed via e-mail to all our customers. If for some reason you don’t get this e-mail, please contact us through the contact page.

If you haven’t purchased the pack yet, you can click HERE to do it now, and you’ll get a 10% discount (valid until the end of January).

Thank you very much for your support and have a good weekend!



V1 to V2

FIXED – Interior and exterior camera exposure adjusted for all cars
FIXED – Exhaust flame burn time and large flame probability modified for all cars
FIXED – Driver head movement improved for all cars
FIXED – AC launcher plaque issue fixed
FIXED – Vortex default and dash cam view heights raised
FIXED – Vortex speed alignment from one to three digit speeds corrected on display
FIXED – Vortex animations updated
FIXED – Vortex new KN5 and improved settings
FIXED – Vortex / Tornado flash lights settings added to match the Ferruccio 55
FIXED – Vortex cm_lights json updated by Ilja
FIXED – Vortex car.ini graphical offset / visuals of suspension now match reference more
FIXED – Tornado skinned mesh bug is now fixed
FIXED – Tornado issue of seeing no rear wing struts through the rear window is fixed
FIXED – Tornado dash cam view height raised
FIXED – Tornado driver animations updated and driver3d.ini fixed
FIXED – Tornado rear lights updated and optimised
FIXED – Tornado rear wing issues fixed with z fighting in all lod and optimised
FIXED – Tornado digital_instruments.ini script updated
FIXED – Tornado new dashboard AO maps created and shaders adjusted
FIXED – Tornado internal metals adjusted
FIXED – Ferruccio 55 showroom cameras added

New in Tornado driver stopwatch added with / lastlap / currentlap / time
New in Tornado new driver delta added to the dashboard as requested on RaceDepartment
New in Ferruccio 55 – external logos to the outside mesh of the car, updating all car kn5 files with the new settings
New in Ferruccio 55 – updated and optimised kn5/lod files
New in Ferruccio 55 – new cosmetic details / fuel filler / side skirts
New in Ferruccio 55 – car’s reflection values updated
New in Ferruccio 55 – all textures inspected and optimised: passed as final
New in Ferruccio 55 – all skins/liveries restructured and updated
New in Ferruccio 55 – new default tires added
New in Ferruccio 55 – new default rims added
New in Ferruccio 55 – optimised Content Manager UI files / lower compression

PHYSICS – Moved brake bias forward by 4% in all cars

SOUNDS – Tornado Shortened gear change sound effect
SOUNDS – Increased interior tyre volume for all cars
SOUNDS – Exterior tyre skid is now audible from a greater distance for all cars
SOUNDS – Rebalanced brake sounds for all cars

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