Formula Hybrid 2017 Update V4

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Today, 1602 days after its first ever release, the Formula Hybrid 2017 gets a fresh new update for free as a thank you for the support of our work over the years.

The Formula Hybrid 2017 is now at version 4 which sticks to one vehicle with an all around improved visual appeal and enhancements to align it to 2021 standards. Some good news is the driving sensation is exactly the same. Even better is previously made liveries will still work.

To download the car, visit our store right here to grab it again! Otherwise, click the link on your existing product emails containing the Formula Hybrid 17. 

If that wasn’t enough, the awesome showroom you see in the previews developed by RSS’s lead artist is available in our store too.

We hope you enjoy this free update, and we look forward to announcing some further vehicles in the future!



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You can download the car templates here.



Formula Hybrid 2017 – Version 4 – 29-July-2021

*Clean installation strongly advised*

Single vehicle now to minimise on unnecessary storage space usage as the fin variation was used by all 2017 vehicles.

• Updated all LOD_A/B/C/D
• Created new Chassis AO maps and all new colour reflections maps, Chassis_P and Chassis_C
• Added new carbon detail and reflections maps / Carbons Generic
• Added new geometry tyres and textures from formula hybrid 2021 better shape + visuals
• All new car shadows rendered
• New miscellaneous textures: exhaust, cameras, and more
• lod.ini updated with improvement performance
• All SDK optimised abnd updated with improved settings to increase performance in general now around 39mb .kn5 LOD_A
• All new Tyre textures added to the cars skins

• Brand new liveries
• Cameras and visual positions improved. Driver camera will now look at the horizon and not down
• 3D driver head will look straight ahead rather than up and will move better to g-forces

• Steering rotation optimized
• New hand animations
• Other small miscellaneous tweaks

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