RSS GT Mod release date – Saturday 23rd

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Race Sim Studio is proud to announce the launch for the 6-car RSS GT Mod Pack is set for release on Saturday the 23rd of December!

This is the culmination of over one year of combined development effort to take the cars to unrivalled levels of quality and detail, and aims to be the de facto pinnacle of GT racing car production for video games in terms of look, feel and sound.

On release of the launch this December, three cars will be made immediately available; the Ferruccio 55 v12, Tornado v12 and the Vortex v10!

By ordering now, you will not only receive all the cars for a discounted price!



We will give you the option to buy the pack with all the cars, but also the option to buy the cars individually, in case you are not interested in all of them. The pack price will be €14,99.

However, we’re offering even further savings to everyone who purchases the pack between the initial release this Saturday and the end of January 2018 with an exclusive 10% discount, bringing the total price down to €13.49.



Below you can see the three cars that will be released next Saturday, the Ferruccio 55 v12, the Tornado v12 and the Vortex v10.


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