Hyperion 2020 Update V2

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We have issued an update for the Hyperion 2020, including a few hotfixes and improvements, bring the car to V2. The update will be roll out via email to all the owners of the car.*

You can find more about the car here, and buy it here.


Hyperion 2020 – Version 2 – 10-April-2021

• Updated vehicle LODs for A, B and C
• New highly detailed 3D model wheels with new UV, textures, settings, logos, Content Manager Workshop options
• New optimised LOD_C for better performance
• HR Logos added to LOD_C to improve visuals with Custom Shaders Patch users
• Full revised and optimised SDK car textures to improve performance and visuals

• Reverse gear value fixed
• Shift timing decreased

• Front grill textures updated
• New texture folder and 3x new PSD files for the new textures (livery templates)

*You can always refer to your original download email if you have ubsubscribed or chosen not to receive our product email updates.

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