Formula RSS 4 updated to version 2.0

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Our Formula RSS 4 car has been updated to version 2.0, featuring several improvements. An e-mail with the download link will be sent to all the customers of the Formula RSS 4 and Formula Pack 2.

If you don’t own the car yet, you can buy it here.

Thank you for your support and have a good weekend!


FORMULA RSS 4 v2.0 CHANGELOG 08/02/2019

• UV Mapping fixed rear wing lower beam,
• Updated car shadows
• Optimised the car chassis main LOD / cleaned and reduced geometry by 2k triangles
• New steering column created and applied to the main steering wheel frame, bugged geometry from a past XFORM settings,
• New seat belts added and applied to Cockpit_LR & LOD_B
• New tyre textures created and more blur applied along with new shader settings
• New steering wheel TX gears added as requested, much improved the resoution
• New previews pictures
• Display textures saved again to remove the known .dds bugs we sometimes see in textures,
• New driver animations, much improved over the previous ones, also shift paddle anims updated
• A general overhaul of textures and settings in the LOD_A and lower
• Exported the main car at animation frame 10, to give a better visual appearence in the showroom, car is lower to the ground like ingame

• Overall volume balancing
• Added new effects samples (tyres, bodywork)
• Reduced turbo effects

• Minor updates to car naming, with short name provided

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