Formula Hybrid 2021 announcement

 In Announcement, Formula Hybrid 2021

The time has finally arrived to announce one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles in sim-racing. The Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2021 is coming soon!

The new car continues to build on all the skills and details our team has been known for and features far more quality than we have ever been able to produce.

You can sit back and enjoy all the details from the meticulous interior to the aggressive body detailing in accordance with the 2021 Formula regulations and know this year will be bigger than ever.

The new season brings with it a lot of familiar names in the world of sim-racing. The new Formula steering wheel provided by Rexing represents everything RSS stands for in our community of passionate enthusiasts who turn an idea into reality and keep making things better and better each time around!

Furthermore, as representatives of our wonderful community, some of our favourite brands as well as content creators are honoured all over the vehicle, whom without, none of us would be who we are and have what we have today.

Stay with us as we prepare for a release in not too long!

From all of us at Race Sim Studio, thank you.



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  • Alvin Cheung

    i hope you guys are able to give a discount for people that have Formula Hybrid 2020 due to only aerodynamic changes in the car… ahhh

    • Jaiden Frazier

      Wouldnt mind paying 5 dollars for a piece of hard work. Its a completely new model

    • Jayden

      I hope they don’t give a discount since they absolutely deserve the money

  • Jonathan

    Sweet! Great job guys.

  • Matt


  • das111

    damn, mercedes is sending copies of their car to everyone , such i stheir confidence xD

  • RedExions

    Looks fantastic, will buy it as soon as it comes out! Will we maybe be getting more than one car model this year? It would really help the FH mod!

  • brown

    looks so good wow

  • Norbert Telaar

    I am so looking forward to it … just thought about it the last couple of days … if you guys would update the RSS Formula 2020 to 2021 specs … very happy

  • Drix

    cant wait for this mod

  • Davey

    You guys make amazing models!

  • Jack

    It would be cool if there were variants with the blocky Ferrari Nose from the 2020 car and this new nose as well and also if you could turn off the fins on the Halo if you were driving the Ferrari or Redbull 🙂

  • santiago monente

    i need it is great

  • Carlos Merino

    thats just amazing guys, I can’t wait to buy it!

  • Henri

    It’s great! Can’t wait to buy it!

  • FlyingF1nn

    Looks fantastic and I’m sure drives well as always, can’t wait for the release of this beaty!

  • Cyneo Amadeus

    Thanksa lot for the work.
    Waiting for the release.

  • Colin Barnes

    HYPED!!! Is it out? Nooo..? Is it out now? How about now? Is it out now? I want it!!

  • sim

    It’s the best model ! you made a great great work ! physics are good, i would like to see some effect on the tyres but i think is an ac limitation, really ! I have all your products and i think you are the number one.

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