Protech P91 Hybrid Evo now available

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We are excited to announce the release of the Protech P91 Hybrid Evo, one of the fastest and most incredible cars ever made. The car is available for purchase in our shop here, offering drivers the chance to experience its incredible performance for themselves.

The Protech P91 Hybrid Evo is a masterpiece of engineering. It features a powerful hybrid engine that delivers an astonishing amount of horsepower, allowing it to reach mind blowing top speeds. The car’s aerodynamics have been carefully designed to provide maximum downforce, giving it high stability and handling on the track. In addition to its impressive performance, the Protech P91 Hybrid Evo also boasts a head-turning sleek and stylish design.

We invite you to experience the Protech P91 Hybrid Evo for yourself and see why it is one of the most elite cars in the sim-racing world.

Store Update
Our store has also received an update with the new Everything Ultimate 2022 pack containing everything from our beginning to today. For those who just want everything we made in 2022 (7 cars), we have an Upgrade pack just for you. Both feature this new release.

Finally, we wish you all a happy and successful New Year.



You can get the car templates to design your own liveries here.





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