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Hi Everyone,

We have issued a new update for the RSS GTM Pack for Assetto Corsa for both the Bayro 6 (now version 3) and the Lanzo V10 (now version 2).

The GT-M Bayro 6 sees a small optimisation in the 3D model to improve performance as well as some enhancements to the onboard engine sounds.

The GT-M Lanzo V10 has some configurational updates and lighting optimisations and a brake volume reduction.

A new digital display object has been added to both cars which can be functionally active with Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.65 and above.

Please follow the link in your original download email (Bayro/GTM), or wait for your Update email if you’ve subscribed.


• Added new interior display signal box (0.1.66+ Custom Shaders Patch required for display data)
• Optimised the main LOD_A .kn5 to increase performance
• Adjusted and optimised textures to increase performance
• Removed the 5th vehicle LOD file to increase performance and to fix a Custom Shaders Patch (CSP) bug with vanishing interior low-resolution LOD
• Driver suit texture quality increased
• Pit crew has new suits and helmets
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Headlight self-lighting improvement
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Optimisations to CSP configuration files

• New idle sounds
• Minor improvement to interior power samples
• Additional backfire sound effects
• Audible brakes

• Added new interior display signal box (0.1.66+ Custom Shaders Patch required for display data)
• (Custom Shaders Patch) LED light strip color strength increase
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Resolved ambient light leak from roof
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Tail pipe glow range adjustment to prevent prolonged red glow
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Optimisations to CSP configuration files
• (Custom Shaders Patch) Additional configuration at the bottom of rss_gtm_lanzo_v10/extension/ext_config.ini made available by Rusty Chest

• Very small brake volume reduction (brakes are very audible in real life)

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  • cr4wl3r0

    I am very happy about my purchase of this pack. I don’ t see visual damage on the Lanzo. Is it normal ? Is a visual damage model planned in future updates ? Thank you.

  • Michael Spencer


    I have the pre-update GTM pack – do I have access to the upgrades? Does it get updated automatically, or do I need to manually download the update?


    • Race Sim Studio


      We send an email to our customers every time we release an update. Please check it, and if you can’t find anything, please use the contact form from the website to contact us so we can take a look.

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