Formula Hybrid 2021 update V2

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Hi all,

We have issued an update for the Formula Hybrid 2021, including a few hotfixes and improvements. As usual, the update will be roll out via email to all the owners of the car.

You can find more about the car here, and buy it here.



Formula Hybrid 2021 – Version 2 – 29-March-2021

• Fix to some issues where halo column transparency may not work

• Corrections to braking performance and vibrations when ABS is enabled

• Increased mid-RPM interior sound sample strength
• New backfires and off-throttle effect sounds
• Stronger interior downshifts

• Minor remnant code update



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  • Aidan Brown

    nice update guys keep up the great work

  • Nicholas B

    The car is still far too understeery. I know they are understeery IRL but this is extreme. Got to run maximum front wing at every track to get decent turn in, and that means a loose rear end and slow on the straights. Needs adjusting IMO.

    • Derek H

      I have to agree that the car is still very understeery, around two extra front wing clicks would be nice. For now on any track that needs downforce I’ve been running stock setup with min front ride height and max rear ride height using 15/6 on the wing settings. It’s a bit snappy but quick enough. Quickly put up a 1:28.800 at Bahrain on C4 so it’s reasonable on pace.

  • Neil S

    Do any of the RSS vehicles have damage ? Like if i bump someone will pieces of the front spoilers come apart?

  • Leo Fieldhouse

    How can I contact RSS through email?

    • Race Sim Studio


      Use the contact form from this website.

  • Jaocb

    I am new here and I am curious if this mod works on ACC or does it only work on AC?

    • Race Sim Studio

      Only AC, ACC doesn’t support modding.

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