Formula RSS 2 released!

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Formula RSS 2 released

Formula RSS 2 released! Our second project for Assetto Corsa is finally available. You can find the car in the “Race Sim Studio Shop” page or click in the green button below. Thank you for your amazing support and have fun!

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Car and liveries


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  • enzocarbone

    Two little things. I find the tyres reflection a little overdone and the tyres textures are not as nice as those used for the other parts of the car. Apart from this tiny things the rest ofr the work is simply outstanding.

  • Ic3m4n

    Very good MOD! Brilliant sound!
    What is the next project? 🙂
    What do you think about the 2 or 3 seater formula cars? (Arrows AX2/AX3, Minardi F1x2, McLaren MP4-98T, Ferrari 3 seater (I don’t remember the codename).

    • Race Sim Studio

      Next project is a Lotus 79 replica 🙂

      We have no plans of making 3 seaters though.

      • Ic3m4n

        Sounds good. 🙂
        But think about the “special F1 cars”, its very unique. Nobody create those cars before. (except EA’s F1 2002) I have it, but i don’t have enough knowledge to modify it. 🙁

  • Papifix

    Very very good mods, a mast have for me.

    I still wanted the mod from GTR2 “F1-1988” of Carrera. Was the only good mod, if you could adapt or convert, that would be absolutely great and would fit in your time in time.

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