Formula Hybrid 2022 Updated to Version 2

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Hi all,

We have issued an update for the Formula Hybrid 2022, including a few hotfixes and improvements. As usual, the update will be roll out via email to all the owners of the car.




RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 – Version 2 – 10 July 2022

• Increased weight for FH22 by 5kg and FH22 S by 10kg.
• Re-adjusted downforce and drag parameters to reduce aero efficiency in lower downforce settings.
• Slightly lower downforce overall in the Standard versions to get them closer to CSP Extended physics versions.
• Added front and rear wing fine-tuning adjustments to CSP versions. Their main function is to tweak the balance for each downforce mode selected.
• Fixed bug with DRS physics on CSP version cars.

• Animation update for rear suspension on both cars.
• Animation Glass styles updated controllers.
• Animation Floor Flex adjusted.
• Animation update for DRS Speed – reduced.
• RPM light properties changed.
• Mirror properties changed.
• Floor upgrades FH22S new aero details.
• Floor stay added to FH22 with flex,
• EXT_HR map updated on the rear wing requested by painters.

• Enhanced the start procedure sound effects:
FH22 (9000 RPM, 20% Throttle)
FH22 S (10800 RPM, 20% Throttle)



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