MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 Released

 In Announcement, Assetto Corsa, MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8, Release

Get ready for a new 2023 car in our Modern Prototype Hybrid category – introducing the MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 by Race Sim Studio!

Our hybrid masterpiece delivers V8 power with modern hybrid technology, giving great power and performance driving on the edge.

Our team of experts poured their expertise into crafting a hyper-detailed 3D model being at the very top-end of our range while being professionally optimized for gaming. The powerful audio was designed so you can immerse yourself in the symphony of the V8 engine, captured with audio precision. The complex physics design allows you to feel the road beneath you as you master each track, pushing at the limit or beyond.

You can buy the car here.



You can get the car templates to design your own liveries here.






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