GT-M Lanzo V10 Evo 2 released

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Race Sim Studio is proud to present the GT-M Lanzo V10 Evo 2 car for Assetto Corsa. This car brings a high-octane virtual car to your racing experience, adhering to modern GT racing regulations and featuring:


Powerful V10 Engine

With over 500 horsepower, the V10 engine ensures heart-pounding acceleration and performance.


Enhanced Aerodynamics

Upgraded aerodynamics offer improved downforce and stability, enhancing your control on the track.


Detailed 3D Model

The car’s 3D model is a visual masterpiece, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.


Immersive Audio

The real recordings of the engine captures the essence of the car, from the roar of the engine to the screeching of tires on the tarmac.


The car is available for purchase in our shop here.



You can get the car templates to design your own liveries here.





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