This information must be read by all of our participants in our community prior to racing with us!

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We use Discord for all of our discussions, communications and activity on SimRacing.GP (SGP). On the main SGP website, you can find all the information you need about the sign-up process.

When signing up to SGP, you must use your Full Name. This is for competitions that we run in conjunction with SGP as well as other competitions that involve prizes on the platform that you will be able to enter.

You can find our Discord here 

Server passwords can be found on the Event page on SGP prior to the start of the race. The Event start time is the time in which SGP allocates us server space, please allow a few minutes from the event start time for you to be able to see the event on the relevant game’s Online Server List.


The full details of the events can be found under the ‘Events’ on SGP. This will give you all the details you need for an event.

When the event is ready to enter, browse the list of servers. You can even search the 5 digit server ID code found on the name of the event to make this faster.


RSS SGP asks community members to be respectful to each other at every possible opportunity.

The races we organise will have a mixture of abilities on the grid. Please be aware of this when overtaking or being overtaken. Some drivers may not be as used to their sim-racing surroundings as you, so please show some caution.

Abuse over in-game text chat is not acceptable and intentionally harming another driver’s race will not be tolerated. See the Incident Reporting section below to get in touch with us.

For any serious incidents of abuse, we reserve the right to remove offending members from the SGP community and will make SGP aware to which they may remove you from the platform entirely.

RSS SGP strongly enforces proper driving standards for all races. We recommend the use of the built-in simulated rear mirror, proximity radar, track map, and a spotter.

Most races are not stewarded; however, we still always expect drivers to behave and drive cleanly. Any incidents relating to driving standards can still be reported to the RSS Admin Team by participants – so it is safer to drive on the assumption you are always being watched, as you just might be.

Deliberate or negligent contact between cars is not permitted. Nor is aggressive blocking or weaving, but drivers are free to take a defensive line as long as they do not change speed or direction unpredictably or more than once between the space of two corners.

Drivers are not permitted to gain an advantage by completely leaving the track (defined as having all 4 wheels over the while lines), either in terms of overall lap time or to aid an overtake. Doing so just because the real-world drivers do it all the time is not an answer. Accidentally leaving the track is usually detrimental and not penalised.

Drivers can take whatever line they like around the track (within track limits) but may not abruptly change line in a braking area, weave to block other cars from passing or drive in an erratic, grossly obstructive or dangerous manner.

In general the car in front has right of way and can take whatever line they choose, but once another car is alongside them, they must leave adequate room and not force them off the track.

Blue flags rules apply. Cars must make appropriate room for each to allow for safe overtaking under blue flags within 5 corners.

If you are on an out-lap or in-lap during qualifying and a driver behind is on their qualifying run, you must get out of the way immediately. Penalties before or after the race may be applied here.

Driving unnecessarily slowly and subsequently impacting the lap of others or stopping the car in a dangerous place are serious driving offences.

When control of the car is lost, the driver makes every best possible effort to stop or regain control of the car as safely as possible. Rejoining the track should be done with care and consideration to drivers already on-track. Drivers on-track should be prepared to give room to allow drivers to rejoin the track after an off.

If you have any issues relating to driving standards or community member abuse that requires a member of staff to look at please send these, alongside proof of the incident to for us to investigate.

Please note all reports of community member abuse will be taken very seriously.

For driving standards, clear evidence must be provided in the form of screenshots and videos where applicable. Accidents can happen – so RSS would not be able to respond to genuine accidents that may have caused an inconvenience to you or others during casual racing. Only report the most important rule breaches, or race-impacting issues in Championship races.

If you run into any problems with the SGP Platform, please direct your queries to the SGP Discord channels where they can deal with your enquiry. We do not have the ability to fix some issues. You can find their discord channel here

Some events may require the installation of mods for you to take part. The mods that will be relevant for each event can be found under the ‘Mods’ tabs on the SGP event. These will need to be installed using your usual installation procedure before the start of the event.

File sharing of purchased content is not permitted under any circumstances and will result in a permanent ban on all relevant Discord SGP platforms.


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