February update: What’s coming next

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Hi everybody!

First of all, we are happy to announce that we have opened a public Discord server, you can join us now by clicking in the following link:



Now let’s talk about the content; some of you already know what cars are we producing right now thanks to our threads on RaceDepartment, but we want to share the news here as well.



Based on the new 2019 Formula One regulations, we want to present our own version; the Formula Hybrid 2019. It features a more simple but wider front wing, a higher and bigger rear wing with stronger DRS effect, smaller and repositioned barge boards, and much more! Here are some of the last WIP images:

You can follow the development here.



The Formula RSS 3 is based on the 2019 Formula 3 car, with totally different specs to the older models. This will be our first free car, so anyone who loves racing with entry open wheelers will be able to race with it!

You can follow the development here.



We are expanding our GT collection with the NGT class that will complement the current RSS GT pack, with the introduction of the Ferruccio 36 and the Darche 96, which are already in a very advanced production state.

You can follow the development here.

We have more plans with GT class cars, but we will talk about them in the future 😉



A lot of you are asking us about rFactor 2; and we are also working on it. The focus at this moment is on the RSS GT pack, and all our cars are already in-game. Physics and sounds are the priority now, being in an advanced state in some cars like the Ferruccio 57. You can watch the very first onboard lap here!


That’s all for now. Once again, thank you very much for your incredible support!

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  • Sebastian

    I am really looking forward to the RSS GT pack for rFactor 2. I bought the pack for Assetto Corsa, but I just don’t get along with the force feedback and general feel of Assetto Corsa, so having the pack in rF2 will be awesome!

  • Dean Ogurek

    Wow, great stuff! I’m especially looking forward to the new GT content for both AC and rFactor2. I really appreciate the level of detail and polish you all put into your projects. The sounds in AC are amazing. I hope to see the drive-train model advance in rF2 with gear-wobble and flex but, I know that’s up to S397 to sort out in terms of physics modeling. 🙂

  • Noro

    I will definitely buy the NGT and rF2 RSS GT. I hope you guys will also work on something GTL!

    As you guys were working on both AC and rF2, it will be very interesting if you can write an article explaining the difference between both engine physics,ffb,tyre model etc.


  • Mark Bradshaw

    NGT and RF2 GT1 content is definitely at the top of the list for me great work 👍

  • Graham

    The Rf2 clip looks great. Will buy the GT pack again for Rf2 and looking forward to the NGT pack which I will definitely buy for AC and Rf2 (which I’m am sure you will probably develop as well). Thanks for creating these amazing cars.

  • DeV xC

    NGT?! I love you <3

  • Scott

    I’d really love to see some of the RSS formula cars in RF2.

  • Ic3m4n

    We are waiting the RSS NGT! Any update information about it? 🙂

  • Ic3m4n

    What’s coming next? TOCA 2? 🙂 (1998 BTCC cars)

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